Scrap Tyre Services

We collect and recycle scrap tyres from a range of customers including national tyre distributors, wholesalers, independent fitters, shops and mobile operatives as well as collections from councils and local authorities.  

After road use old or worn tyres are seen as a waste product but can be put to some serious work as flood prevention barriers, marine surge or shock absorption casements, foundation to embankments and any application that needs rigid, low density, high capacity infill.

Because of the block's stability and cleanliness they can be safely used in environments that demand non-toxic materials and have a long life in their role. The size of the compressed tyre blocks is convenient for movement and rapid deployment into crisis management for waste spillage, water or flood limitation , embankment reinforcement and many other construction situations. 

The images below will give you some idea for the use of our Urro Blocks. They have performed well in a wide variety of environments and are substantial, cheap and very effective.

If you require  further information or would like a direct quote for collection services please visit the Contact page or call us direct on 01268 753 344